Monday, 22 February 2010

Gin. And camels walking free drinking honey tea...

"Mothers' Ruin"
or as Snoop put's it, best with "juice".

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I can honestly say after the past weekend it may well be my ruin as well, what else could induce impassioned renditions of Ricky bloody Martin and general hysterical happiness?
This is my downfall, last weekend should have been filled with studious hours of art history study akin to those of my A level years, but no, I was spending every penny of my tips on crazy good, diaphanous, magical Gin.

The construction for this mad complex essay is complete, but there's a good 20 or so hours of reading to do before even setting sail with the thing.

These are the crazy good pieces I'm going to study down to the last detail:

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Gustav Metzger's acid action painting, 1961 [also looking at Flailing Trees, 2009]

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Cecily Brown – Teenage Wildlife, 2003

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Caravaggio - Judith Beheading Holofernes, 1598-9

However, I could still crack out an epic poem on my love for the Gin...

Kudos to everyone who remembered the lyrics to Nikki FM in the Lowther!

Currently listening to Converge, Sikth, Belle & Sebastian, Rolo Tomassi, Slagsmalklubben & The Kinks.
Mad dice mate :)

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